Welcome to My Blog

Hi.  I’m P.K. Wiggins.  I’ve been on this planet for seven decades.  Some days that seems like a long time, others the blink of an eye. (Trust me – if  you’re not saying that now, you will one day and that’s not bad.)  Looking back and looking ahead, what delights me most are those moments when I find myself transported into the radiance and spaciousness of our being.  I used to think that these moments are few and far between.  But one day an acorn fell on my head and I realized that these moments occur all the time and everywhere –  we just have to be open to seeing them.  It’s almost as if some Divine Trickster has hidden the transcendent in plain sight, as if she camouflaged glowing Easter eggs inside the ordinary.  In this blog I write about opening to moments that glow and the fun of saying “yes” to that which is most wondrous in our lives.

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