This is what I believe: the heart yearns for connection. I believe that throughout the Cosmos a billion billion hearts beat so that they may connect with other hearts.

What the heart wants from us is connection, not perfection. And yet we plod on in the hopeless struggle to be perfect. If we can only get it right, we believe, then everything will be all right; if we can somehow overcome our obstinate flaws, our self-destructive treachery, we can be all right. If we can learn something new, some skill, some trick, some magic words, we can be all right. And if we can be all right, then, maybe, just maybe, we will be worthy of love; maybe we will then feel the gentle kiss of grace on our cheeks. Maybe then we can put down our swords and our armor; maybe then we can rest in peace.

The heart gives us a choice between perfection and miracles. Perfection is the enemy of miracles. Perfection says that our ideal is greater than anything life can bring us as a surprise. It seduces us into contaminating not only the space between our beating hearts, but the space between the beats of our hearts. We junk up that luminous space with the baggage of a billion billion years.

The heart says, don’t do that. The heart says “choose miracles.”

So let’s clear the space and let our hearts resonate. Let’s clear the space from the chatter, prejudices, judgements, indignations, and incessant demands of the false ego. Let’s set our hearts loose to resonate one with the other in this luminous space between us that is and always has been the very ground of our being.

The heart says, “I am calling to you into the luminous space of your being: answer me and miracles will happen.” I believe it. I believe it is telling us the irrepressible truth. I believe we were born to be the connection, to answer the call, to make the connection. This is what I believe: if you answer the call, if you give life the chance, it will amaze you with its miracles.